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End of Lease Cleans


  • Pre-inspection. Carpet fibre ID and spot and stain survey.
  • Pre-vacuum with industrial up-right, hospital grade filtration. Dry vacuuming will remove more than 70% of dry soil.
  • Pre-conditioning with deoderiser and spotting (some spots and stains extra). This is detergent acts by loosening debris and oils to allow extraction.
  • Rotary agitation with soft brush or pad. To loosen soiling. Cleans up to 50% Better. Agitation will loosen soiling from the carpet fibres.
  • Powerful steam extraction. Powerful equipment delivers higher heat and more vacuum, resulting in cleaner and dryer carpets.
  • Rotary dry pad to leave your carpets walk-on dry. Removes the last standing water from the carpet pile, reducing drying times and brightens the carpet.
  • Final grooming to remove cleaning marks. Resets the carpet pile, pile is left standing to maximise appearance and reduce drying times.
  • If needed in, complementary high speed air movers are also used to speed up the drying process while cleaning is happening.

Hard Floors (vinyl, tiles)

  • Acid or akali washed machine scrubbed where required.
  • Indoor high pressure cleaning of tile grout.
  • Sealer applied upon request.

Kitchen / Laundry

  • Oven cleaned inside and behind.
  • Sinks and splash backs scrubbed to a shine.
  • Cupboards and drawers damp wiped.


  • Interior and exterior squeegee cleaned extra for double story.
  • Tracks vacuumed and dust free.


  • Built ins damp wiped and dust free.


  • Bowls scrubbed.
  • Cistern wiped and dust free.


  • Sinks scrubbed.
  • Screens scrubbed and scum free.
  • Cupboards and drawers wiped.


  • Lights, fans skirting all wiped and dust free.
  • Curtains removed and laundered on request.

Patios / driveways

  • High pressure cleaned (13 H.P. Honda petrol motor pump).
  • Can be sealed upon request.


  • Cobwebs removed from walls, ceilings and beams.
  • Floors and walls high pressure washed.